Welcome to my Greece travel blog for families, I’m delighted to have you here!

Getting ready for the trip of your lifetime? Looking for the most practical Greek island itineraries to do with kids? wondering how to pack for island hopping? Curious about the best tours of the Acropolis with kids? Not sure which island will be the best for your family? Well, I’m here to give you all the answers you need! And who am I…?

I’m Gabi, a momma of two who packed her life and moved to Greece about six years ago.

After spending a good part of those years writing one of the most helpful blogs about Crete out there, I’ve decided it was about time to show you the rest of this amazing country, helping you travel around with your kids in tow!

Originally a translator, I started writing about travel right after obtaining my MA in translation for tourism. I’ve created dozens of articles about Greece for hundreds of travel blogs, magazines, and online media.

I’ve designed and published several travel guides about the Greek islands, and you can check some of them here.

I also blog about travel in Crete as well as the Cretan diet. My work has been published by travel media, including Business Insider, The Culture Trip, Huffington Post, The Planet D, Greek Reporter, yTravel, and many more.

Every summer, I enjoy combining my passion for Crete and Cretan food by hosting a local gastronomic tour of Chania, on the island of Crete. I love to help people explore my adoptive town through the history and flavors of the island.

The tour has not only been reviewed as one of the best experiences on the island, but it is also kid-friendly… and I personally make sure that kids have a blast during the adventure.

The history behind MommaLovesGreece

How was this blog born?

After years of writing a blog about Crete and being in contact with so many tourists, it still surprises me how people don’t know that Greece is a very kid-friendly destination.

Being a mom myself, and having explored Greece with the kids for years, I’ve decided to gather the best tips to spend a seamless family vacation.

No matter whether you’re headed to the capital or the islands, MommaLovesGreece will help you plan the most amazing holiday in Greece with your kids!

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Traveling to Greece with the kids soon? You’re in the right spot!

Want to plan your family adventure in Greece and have no idea where to start from? Don’t be overwhelmed… I can help! I will turn your trip to Greece into an unforgettable experience!

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